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Long Distance Relationships

Hey everyone,

So something that i’ve been wanting to post about on here for a while is my long distance relationship. Currently, I’m home for the summer in Connecticut, while my boyfriend is staying for his aunt and uncle in Washington DC. I guess I’m just frustrated with the fact that we are so far away from each other, since Skype, FaceTime, texting, and phone calls aren’t really equal to ACTUALLY spending in-person time together. Does anyone have any experience with long distance relationships? Any advice you can offer to make the separation period easier?

Thanks y’all.

6 Replies to “Long Distance Relationships”

  1. Sam B. says:

    You hit the nail on the head. It really got me thinking though when I was away from my boyfriend. Being so far away and not being together made me start questioning a lot. Like when I don’t feel like talking to him but it’s like shouldn’t I be missing him? I don’t know what to dooo. But I think the long distance thing is different for everyone depending on the relationship and the people in it. I guess this gives me time to think about how I really feel about the relationship, but I have to remember not to drive myself crazy.

  2. VRuiz says:

    Yeah, I definitely get that. I feel like since we’ve been apart all our issues are magnified since we’ve had so much time apart to really think about all this stuff. And like you said, I think all the free time I have is making me over analyze everything too. I’m going down to visit him soon, and hopefully when I go back to school, everything will be normal again. But I don’t know yet.

  3. Sam B. says:

    You know whatever happens happens. I think it has been really important for me to be honest with myself about how I really feel about this person; physically, emotionally, and all that other good stuff. If at the end of the day it doesn’t work out, I know I will still be okay. Even though I hope everything works out because my boyfriend is really really really cute.

  4. Sara says:

    You guys make really good points. I kinda think a long distance relationship can be like a test. I mean, life keeps happening when you’re apart and you want to stay together, although right now you can’t do that physically. Maybe explore those doubts you’re having and try to identify what they are and how much they affect how you see the other person.

  5. RaiC says:

    You know what they say distance makes the heart grow fonder.. or maybe you guys haven’t heard of that? lol I am also in a long distance relationship as of a few months ago. We started dating in college and I guess we really didn’t consider the long distance aspect of it during it all, you know living in the moment type thing but it wasn’t until I graduated did it start to kick in. Granted he was still in CT when I left school and I saw him often but now he’s almost 3-4 hours away and its def different. Cant say that its changed anything… I just feel as if it made us closer. Putting in the extra work to make it last is always worth it … if its worth it..

    Anyways, I think what has worked for me has been facetime and planning to see one another at least every 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner. I mean it isn’t easy, the both of you just have to always keep in touch. Make it as if you guys are hanging out, even if that means being on facetime, Skype or whatever you use when you’re out. I know its slightly unorthodox but I mean, have to try new things.

    If your relationship can handle being miles a part then it can weather the storm. Just keep up the communication 🙂

  6. Michael says:

    I 100% agree with you Rai. I myself was in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years (we just moved in together, hence the “was”.) The distance did help us to have personal time, and keep us from moving too quickly.

    Communication is so important, and believe me, for the right person, long distance is worth it when you find a keeper! In addition to all the options with technology, try writing letters or send sketches or cute notes to each other. Hand written pieces in the mail are always special!

    I do think that with the time apart, staying busy with meaningful activities is important. That may mean going on longer walks, books, sports, etc, but something healthy to fill your time will help.

    Also, I am living proof that a long distance does not have to stay long distance. i like to think of it as preparation – prepare yourself, and make you the best person for your bf/gf as you can be!

    Take care, Michael 🙂

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