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Is there a RIGHT way to react?

On Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 another horrific school shooting took place at a south Florida high school. Throughout the course of the tragedy taking place, some students captured footage of the terrifying incident on their cellphones as their classmates fell to the floor injured beside them. Now, I have 2 questions for you guys:

1). Do you think there is there a RIGHT way for America as a whole to react now after such a tragedy?

2). Do you think the overuse of technology can become a safety issue during a time of crisis such as this one, where students were literally recording a life or death situation?

Please share your ideas, I’d love to have a discussion around this.

One Reply to “Is there a RIGHT way to react?”

  1. babycooz0012 says:

    You and I know that America is made up of millions and millions of citizens who are free to react any way that they choose.

    There could be various group of Americans who would cry and feel sorry for the victims like me or You.
    Also, there are many Americans who want to punish the shooter and lock them up for the rest of their lives.
    I would want the shooter to be given a life sentence in prison or the death penalty But I do not know if the shooter was drugged or poisoned or totally mentally insane. what happened to His mental state of mind ?.

    I can not give an answer to conclude or figure out what Americans reactions should be to make this type of thing from happening again. I just hope that the families who lost their loved ones can get over their unbearable pain.

    I Hope Your answer is answered and that American can make a decision to ensure that this never happens again where some takes the lives of innocent people

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