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I got dumped

Hey guys. My name is Isabel and I’m one of the staff for this website. Outside from being a staff member, I struggle with my own depression and anxiety. So, something really shitty happened last week and I thought I would post about it in here, since that’s what the forum was created for.

While I was on vacation last week, my boyfriend dumped me over video chat. He said that it would be easier to break up “sooner rather than later,” citing the fact that he doesn’t want to be miserable when he goes off to college in the fall. At the time, I was extremely upset, sobbing and everything.

I wish that I didn’t feel so goddamn inadequate and shitty about myself after every break up. It’s like, I break up with someone or they break up with me, and my self-esteem just totally evaporates. I feel totally worthless and unlovable and ugly and fat and annoying, and basically every negative adjective you can think of. I know I shouldn’t base my self-worth on whether or not I’m in a relationship, but that’s really difficult for me.

I think what was most upsetting to me was the fact that he lied about his real reason for breaking up with me, since I found out later that he started seeing someone immediately after we broke up. I wish he had just been honest about it, instead of lying about it. How disrespectful can one person be?

3 Replies to “I got dumped”

  1. Patrick Gedney says:

    Isabel it’s Pat and I understand that completely. I’ve been dumped as well but I’ve learned something from each relationship that has gone wrong.
    Trust me, you’ll find your soulmate. He/she is out there. You just gotta wade and wait. Patience

  2. Justine Conley says:

    I agree with Pat. (Except on the soulmate bit. Still trying to determine if I beleive in fated love.) But I hear that self- worth issue loud and clear.

    I don’t like myself. I hate mirrors. And my therapist says that my veiw is distorted or something.

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to wise up one day and like myself.

    “I’m my own worst enemy.”

  3. Brendan says:

    i think a lot of the time we ,as people, forget that our self worth isn’t measured in one moment in time. everyone will go threw their own highs and lows. how we view our selves is a continual process. when i get depressed about myself, my weight, or how i act i find it helps to objectively view mt self versus emotionally. i’ll write list about what i like. it doesn’t have to be about me at first, but after a while i’ll start to see the good things i surround myself with. your strength is what you make it. and in this ever going battle of self loving or loathing the more strength you can give your self is key. i believe everyone is a precious gem. i wish the best for them. i know we all can keep fighting.

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