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Fun Stuff to do in the Fall!

Looking for fun activities or things to do this fall season? Check out this article that lists a bunch of cool ideas:


2 Replies to “Fun Stuff to do in the Fall!”

  1. GreyHoodieLux says:

    I went hiking up Sleeping Giant yesterday with a few friends yesterday. Its a mountain/hiking trail in Hamden, CT. I hadn’t been there since Elementary School. I’ve only gone hiking during the spring and summer. Fall was a whole different experience. It was gorgeous out. Beautiful warm Fall weather, and got chilly enough to wear hoodies but not be cold. The leaves, trees, and everything about the atmosphere was amazing. Hiking during Fall was definitely better than going in the summer or spring! Definitely suggest it if you get the chance too!

  2. Luz.Feliz says:

    Hey Fettatron,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience when going hiking. I have only ever gone in the spring or summer as well and to be honest I didn’t enjoy it that much. Maybe it was due to the intense weather during that time, so I think if I were to go in the fall it would be much more enjoyable like you mentioned.

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