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Cultural Appropriation in Halloween Costumes

Hey guys! Halloween is tomorrow!! Yay!
So a big topic I’ve been running across on my Facebook is cultural appropriation in regards to Halloween costumes.
So what are your opinions?
Do you think children should be taught that they need to respect cultures by not imitating them? Do you think wearing a costume is disrespectful? How far does that go? I saw an article stating non-polynesian children should not be allowed to dress up as Moana because it is offensive- do you agree?
Or do you think children should be left out of this conversation and only adults should be held to a certain standard?

Lets discuss this!

One Reply to “Cultural Appropriation in Halloween Costumes”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:

    Hello Egbumblebee,

    I find this topic very interesting! I feel as though throughout the last couple of generations America has become extremely sensitive to certain things that they may not even need to be worrying about. For example, a child dressed up as Moana for Halloween would not cause harm to anyone, and I feel as though it shouldn’t be an issue that should be debated. By someone choosing to dress up as a character from a popular movie, it does not in any way or form depict racism or offend anyone. Meanwhile, if we were to do the opposite and only allow polynesian kids to dress up that way, then I feel like that would be discriminatory, for everyone was allowed to watch that movie in the general public, not just those of a particular race. It would be the same even if it were any other race for any other occasion, such as a child who is not Mexican wanting a Dora-themed birthday party.

    If the costume was directly offensive to any race, then I feel like it should not be worn, such as a Caucasian man attempting to go as a African American man for Halloween as a costume. After discussing this with my coworker, we both feel as though 30 years ago no one questioned what kind of costumes were worn, only if they revealed too much intimate parts of your body. Nevertheless, it seems like a lot of things now are made to seem like they are about racism and starting a debate, when it simply shouldn’t be.

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