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If you’re like me, I tend to think about everything I said, did, etc. and obsess over it. I replay everything in my head about 100 times to see what I did wrong, what others now think because of what I said or did (or maybe I didn’t say or do enough etc.) Unfortunately, this can cause so much anxiety that it disables me from focusing and getting my work done because I will be more preoccupied with everything going on around me.
Does this happen to you?
What does catastophizing look like for you?


One Reply to “Catastrophizing”

  1. Kevin A. says:

    …An unending spiral of negative thoughts! It does nothing for me but it will never leave.
    I think this is normal, everyone does this to some extent, just on different levels and I think the depth of your experience depends on past happenings in your life.
    My way of getting around overthinking is to remind myself, “Don’t Stress it!”

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