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Bucket Lists

I took my boyfriend’s sister out for her birthday on Monday and we decided to stop in one of those shops that sells interesting gifts, knick knacks, and those hilariously inappropriate cards. We came across a journal that was a bit crude, so naturally I was curious to read it. It was called the F*** it journal. It is optimistically pessimistic because it gives you 100 writing prompts to write 1,000 things you know you will never accomplish/obtain in your life.
For example: Sure, I would love to be Queen of England someday, but I know that will never happen. My boyfriend might treat me like a queen, so that’s good enough for me! So for those who hate to make bucket lists because they know the list is too “out there” to actually finish, this journal is for you!

We both got the journal and we are giving each other a year to finish the prompts and then on her birthday next year, we will read each other’s journals.

It gives us time to truly think about our wants and what is realistic for us to accomplish in our life. Also, it gives me a chance to prove to myself that maybe I can actually do something that I put on the F*** it journal I didn’t think I could do.
Let’s see, maybe I will win the Nobel Peace prize or have a pet lion?!

I have an awful time setting goals that are way over my head, so this is actually a very good grounding tool to bring me back to the present and come up with realistic expectations for myself. Plus it’s fun and I will get to learn even more about my “sister from another mister!” Maybe you will consider doing this journal challenge with someone close and will have to a chance to read their journal too?

3 Replies to “Bucket Lists”

  1. Amily says:

    This journal sounds like it would be lots of fun! I like the example you gave, I’ve always found it helpful to see situations from a different perspective, a more optimistic one at that. My bucket list is really scattered, so it would be nice to organize and see which goals are more realistic, then plan out steps in how to obtain them. It’s also nice that you’re sharing the journals, sound like a great way to get closer to friends and family members.

  2. Sara says:

    That’s really cool, I love notbooks like that. They have a ton of them at Barnes & Noble. I have started a bucket list a hundred times and can never finish because it is hard to believe that I can actually do these things. But at the same time it is the craziest feeling to cross something off the list!

  3. RaiC says:

    Aye, sounds like you have a great relationship with your boyfriend’s sister, i love to hear things like that.

    I have an awesome relationship with my BF’s siblings, especially his sisters. It’s interesting that you mentioned the journal! I was internet surfing and I came across the journal on Facebook. A bunch of people on my TL kept re posting a blog link from a woman who created her own F*** It List. I actually really love the concept. I feel like we tip toe around the issues of mental health & substance abuse issues, and some people can be uncomfortable when it comes to laughing things off or just sharing their own opinions about something that someone else has a different perspective on. The List challenge/journal is not for everyone.. there’s a certain sense of humor and realness with it that some people may not find appealing.

    You guys have me thinking about partaking in this challenge… I have a bunch of things that I need to get off of my chest and be completely honest with myself about.

    Here’s a sample of someone’s list (no offense, its her opinion and her life)–My F*** It List

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