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Be Yourself no Matter what!

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Always remember to do what you love, no matter what others may think about it.

Has there ever been anything you’ve wanted to do but have been fearful to do because of what other people may think of you???

2 Replies to “Be Yourself no Matter what!”

  1. babycooz0012 says:

    I understand how that is. I used to chase my balls around the park when I was growing up. Today I sometimes get out and exercise but I often look over my shoulder to see if anyone I know is watching me.

  2. egbumblebee says:

    LOVE THIS!!! On so many levels.
    I hate when I see people discourage boys from doing “girly” things. I have friends with sons who wont let them play with dolls or wear certain clothes because its girly. Even really silly things, like cooking sets! Really?
    And then in terms of doing what you love without worrying about what others think. As someone with anxiety, I used to CONSTANTLY look over my shoulder (like babycooz said). Even when I was alone buying clothes, i would have all these thoughts, wondering would this person like this? Who would make fun of me for wearing this? Ect. Now, I try so hard to reject that sense of self-consciousness and do what feels natural. People will like you more for who you are than for who you are trying to be. And even if people don’t agree with you or even like you, it’s far better to be yourself and be genuine than it is to force yourself into a mold you don’t fit into!

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