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A Listening Ear

Check this out:


I truly respect and admire this young man for his work and drive to want to help out others in his community. Sometimes, all we need is one person, no matter how old they are, to give us a listening ear.

Who is your go to person to talk to when you need to vent? When’s the last time you were able to get something off of your chest that you really needed to?

4 Replies to “A Listening Ear”

  1. Allikat says:

    My go-to person is definitely my best friend, Jen. She literally is my rock and I love that I’m able to go to her without any fears and put all my insecurities and craziness all out there and she embraces me. I’m always venting to her, but especially lately. I’ve been struggling with some things in my life and I’ve been trying to make it seem like it’s all ok, when in reality it’s not all ok. I thank God for her because I’ve been able to lean on her during this time and it helps me feel as if I’m not alone

  2. torry22 says:

    I have a few people that I can go to when I need to vent to. I am blessed with a massive amount of support. I have 3 close people that I talk to about most things, two of them being my best friends but also my grama. I can call her and tell her anything, and she listens and then tells me she is going to pray for me. I find so much comfort in knowing that she doesn’t sit there and judge me. <3

  3. Luz.Feliz says:

    It is definitely helpful to have people with who we feel comfortable sharing things with. When we are going through a tough time, it is definitely harder when we feel like we are alone. Thanks for sharing!

  4. babycooz0012 says:

    I never open up myself unless I am sure that the other person wants to listen to me.

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