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What would be your absolute dream job E.V.E.R?!

If you had the ability to choose what job you could have, even if you could create your desired position from scratch, what would you guys want to be and why?

3 Replies to “What would be your absolute dream job E.V.E.R?!”

  1. Allikat says:

    I’m blessed to have my dream job right now! Working in the field of addiction recovery and mental health is my dream job! However, I hope to one day work with inmates in prison with substance use disorders. Eventually, I hope to work for, or maybe open my own Christian sober living home!

    As long as I keep striving, I have confidence that I will achieve these goals!

  2. Kevin A. says:

    An economist for sure! I would love to one day work with economic analyst and environmentalist to make our world more sustainable and healthier.

  3. katerina says:

    Allison, What are you majoring in as you return to school? I want a similar kind of career, but I want also want a medical background…like nursing..

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