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The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students

Over the last few days I have been having many conversations about the cost of school and the heavy workload that students, especially young adults are facing as they go back to college.

I was texting a friend this morning and she was telling me that she had to drop a class because of the number of hours she is working. For sure, for the best.

And another friend, who recently migrated here but because of the unexpected costs and the high cost of tuition (just for community college) she needs a job to balance her expenses. She is attending community college but as an international students, she is paying double the cost of instate tuition.

I find this article eye-opening but painfully true as it touches on some of the realities of college students today.

I once struggled to get into college and today I still struggle to stay in college, whether it be because of cost or balancing work and school but being able to successfully get through college is as hard is hard as the courses, its an entire struggle in itself.

But with all that, its still striking to come to terms with how much a college education values today: with finding a job and your right place in society, with maybe a car and a house. With only a Bachelors, these are luxuries.

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