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The beginning of the semester is always the hardest part

So, I started school yesterday. I felt a lot of of excitement and anxiety from waking up to walking into the classroom. Some of my classes are pretty new, so for the most part, I didnt know what to expect. But, the first day started out better than I expected. I am not fully comfortable with the routine as yet but I’m making strides. This semester is definitely going to require a lot of work so I’m preparing for the thrill.

2 Replies to “The beginning of the semester is always the hardest part”

  1. Allikat says:

    I started classes yesterday too…

    I am SO glad I didn’t get lost finding my classrooms..

    So far I really like my classes and I met some cool people in each one!

  2. Kevin A. says:

    Having a friend or two from each class is such a great idea. I missed classes last week and its the people I know from each class that saved from not missing my assignment deadlines.

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