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Selfcare: Still Important

This semester of school has reminded me how important selfcare is. I have lost track of myself over the course of a month and I have struggled with bad days but I am learning to prevent certain things from happening that will only cause me to regress into deep negative thoughts and depression:
-Spend some time with friends: see a movie, chatt, visit somewhere new
-Take time out. Spend some time with yourself, rest and relax.
-Organize. Keep things in order and most importantly, have fun.

One Reply to “Selfcare: Still Important”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:


    As the new semester slowly approaches I will definitely keep this in mind. Although I ended up doing well academically, I feel like both physically and emotionally I became drained because I was balancing both work and school. It’s always great to be reminded of the importance of self care, because the reality is that sometimes all we might need to feel better is some “me” time to enjoy something other than our responsibilities.

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