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School stress

It is beginning to be that time of year when I have over a million things going on between exams, papers, drama, and stress for summer plans. Sometimes I get so caught up with everything that I forget to breathe. What do you guys do to keep organized and stress free during such a stressful time?

5 Replies to “School stress”

  1. Vered Brandman says:

    I look at my calendar and notice how packed it is, and remind myself that it is *a lot* to keep track of. That helps me stop and breathe, and then I try to set aside a time-slot where I plan to do nothing…nothing at all…except something simple on my own that I have an urge to do once I’m in that time-slot, like go for a walk, journal, look through my box of birthday cards…or just sit out on the porch and listen to the birds and let my mind wander knowing that I don’t have to do anything with any of my thoughts for just a little while.

  2. nemi123 says:

    So stressed out with finals and all the work that had to get done this week. There is not a lot of time in the day. I also would love to go to the gym and get my finals done. So much stress. Just want to quote and also give up. How do people do it. If you have any advice to give that would be great thank you

  3. Sara says:

    Stress sucks (but you probably already know that). When I feel like I’ve had enough it’s really helpful to make sure I planned times to take breaks. In the breaks I do things I like. Go eat. Get a manicure. Call a friend. Listen to music. Whatever works for you. And it’s also sooo important for me to remind myself that this is only for the next 2 weeks, it’s not permanent, I got this. You got this too 🙂

  4. RaiC says:

    Hope all of you are less stressed and have found your ways of dealing with it to be helpful!

    Nemi, I know your finals week was tough but look at you now, you made it through! My only advice would be to take things one step at a time, try not to let your schedule overwhelm you. Next time, maybe you can try to make a list of everything that you want or plan to do for the day or week and as it gets done, cross it out. I know crossing things out on my lists makes me happy because I know that I conquered it, I know that I was able to get it done and I no longer have to worry about it. Make time to relax and of course to take care of yourself. The gym can be squeezed in for as little as 10 minutes a day. Perhaps you can even do a home exercise in between studying. There are tons of phone apps and fitness Youtube channels with short but amazing workouts. 24 hours certainly doesn’t seem like a lot but with scheduling and mapping out your day, it can be just enough. I believe in you, you can do it.

    School can bring about a lot of stress and anxiety so its extremely important to take a deep breath and step back for a minute or 20 🙂

    I came across an article today about college students taking the initiative to take care of their mental health. Students at The University of Central Florida attended an anxiety workshop, “Anxiety 101” held during finals week. The college, along with many others, has seen an increase in the amount of students seeking help from the health centers, which is certainly a GREAT thing. The article suggests that this increase in health center visits comes from the efforts that have worked in ridding the stigma associated with mental health. Students feel more comfortable to ask for help now, which means that U.C.F is doing a better a job at handling it all. Just like everyone on this post, and plenty of thousands of other college students, anxiety and stress is really high during midterms and finals. Colleges are making sure to include more stress relieving activities and workshops and are working hard to ensure that their students are mentally healthy. I think they should reconsider the midterm and finals week work load but I’m sure I’m not the first person to suggest that.

    Nearly one in six college students has been diagnosed with or treated for anxiety within the last 12 months, according to the annual national survey by the American College Health Association. As long as counseling centers are doing their best to help the masses, I think everyone will be able to get through what seems to be the toughest time in college.

    What we go through or will go through is normal. College is tough! Just remember to take time for yourself and to get help with whatever it is that you’re struggling with. There are people willing to listen!

    Here’s the link to the article, realllly great read —>

  5. chloe says:

    In the past couple months, I have developed anxiety in relation to any school work I need to complete. I get tingly in my arms and get the urge to rub my hands together. School is overwhelming. I took 3 AP classes for my senior year, which was a lot to handle when you factor in sports, after school activities, and having a job. I felt like I wasn’t getting the average senior year experience where I could skip school to go to the beach with my friends or slack on my work. I still expected the same quality of work from myself that I had held myself to for the earlier duration of my high school experience. The stress most definitely got to me. In order to help myself, I found the best way would be to remove myself from the situation for a bit – take a break from my homework to get ice cream with my friends, get lunch after school, sit on the couch and watch an episode or two of Netflix – anything relaxing. Stress is difficult, but it can be manageable.

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