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Plans for the Fall

August is almost over… HOW?!


It’s almost time to kiss Summer goodbye, and say hello to wonderful, amazing Fall!
I love the Summer, but I love the Fall so much.
Still, even though I love the Fall, and I’m no longer in High School, the end of Summer gives me a knot in my stomach… I get so nervous and anxious, no doubt because school was so anxiety provoking for me as a child and teenager, and Fall often meant depression, anxiety, hospitals… a lot of pain.
With time, my love for Fall is beginning to come back into the forefront when I realize Summer is nearly over- but I still cannot escape the dull lull of anxiety that sits within my and grows bigger as leaves begin to change and nights become long.
It’s also kind of sad!


So, how do you guys feel? Are you happy/sad/nervous/etc? What does Fall mean to you and what are your plans this Fall?
If you struggle with this time of year, what specifically do you struggle with? What makes it better?

We are here for you all during this seasonal transition and transition back to school!

2 Replies to “Plans for the Fall”

  1. faljak says:

    I personally love the colder seasons! It puts my body at ease to feel the cooler, calmer air and to know that when I step outside I won’t be boggled down by humidity and sweat within the hour. Sweater-weather, right? Warm coffees, good books by the heaters and hopefully room for warmth and kindness in the community. It’s also a gateway for the holidays, which I always look forward to because of the general sense of good faith and joy that comes with them.

    However, this fall is my first semester back in college since 2013-2014. Back then, I was in a very dark place and didn’t know how to handle what I was doing ON TOP OF going to college and trying to do my workload. But now, after 5 or so years I’ve worked up the courage to take a step back and say, “Yes, I’m prepared. I can do this.” It’s still a process and I know for a fact that first week will be hell on my nerves but I look at it knowing the other newbies are just as terrified and probably also just as tired as I am.

    Overall, I enjoy fall. I love the smells, the scenes, the colors… But for right now, I can’t exactly escape the knots in my stomach as I consider classes starting and rejoining the community I was rudely kicked out of all those years ago. I keep positive, though, and I do what I can to stay rooted in the present instead of projecting into the future and getting even more scared! I also focus on the good I’ve done to get to this point and the good that will come from it!

  2. egbumblebee says:

    Those are the BEST parts of Fall! I needed that reminder- that Fall itself is so wonderful and cozy and beautiful and fresh. My bike to work today was wonderful- the air was cool, it smelled so crisp. I loved it.
    I definitely can relate to the feeling of nervousness with school. I took two classes 2016 while I was pregnant, but in 2015 I totally failed all of my classes. It was my first year, and I couldn’t handle the pressure of being a full time student in addition to working and my life and I dropped all my classes. I am also going back this Fall, but I am actually excited since I’ll only be taking one class online.
    It sounds like you’re totally prepared for the transition, though, and honestly, being prepared for the stress is good, because you know that you’re going to have to have to prepare for lots of self-care and time management- which is doable! Also know that you can always come to us for support, too. And you’re right, your peers will also be tired and exhausted- and you will have many people around you who understand and are in the same place as you. You can totally do this! And this is a super exciting- albeit nerve-wracking.
    And in a few weeks, we will be in the midst of sweater-weather and hot drinks and colorful leaves!

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