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Oh What a Pity

I find it extremely ironic that a University is in the media for everything BUT its actual collegiate program.

People go to school to gain knowledge .. to gain a sense of culture and to network with tons of people and at least learn how to work with all types of folks. Instead, it seems that the only culture we are truly learning about is that of institutional racism and ignorance. There has been an onset of downright racist and prejudice activity on the UConn Storrs Campus in the last year or so and it looks like a lot more students are vocal about their disgust with the student population and how administration is handling it all. While I am sure plenty of incidents have occurred, the most recent have been especially discussed and highlighted in the media. I am extremely impressed, since the women just claimed the National Championship yet again, and they are able to keep the focus on the problem.

I dont know about you but I am SICK of hearing about this behavior. School is suppose to be about learning about yourself and accepting change, understanding differences.. yet it looks like a lot more people are staying stagnant and true to their ignorance. I really respect all of the students, staff and supporters who are standing up against all of this vicious activity.

Check out these articles on two of the incidents on the campus.. they both revolve around the rock (which I have seen). Any organization can paint over the previous rock design once it is dried.


One Reply to “Oh What a Pity”

  1. RaiC says:

    I am not even in shock… I actually graduated from there! There is a lot of ignorant people in the world but to go to a college and continue to perpetuate it is another thing.

    I dont see how people can get away with such disrespect. I would attribute it all to white privilege and the fact that there is a blind eye to everything that isn’t guaranteeing money to the school, but that would be making up yet another excuse. It’s honestly unacceptable to not be able to freely participate in an activity that is granted to all students on the campus. Painting the rock has always been controversial, especially when people show their respects to their culture, organizations or even to individuals that passed. I remember when Jazz was killed on campus and the rock was painted in his memory.. I’d say that was the only time that the rock was not disturbed for more than 24 hours. The rock is suppose to show our unity as a campus and should show how respectful we are towards one another. It is a process governed pretty much by students. It was suppose to be based on respect and common courtesy but I guess nowadays, that doesn’t exist.

    The University definitely should have done something about that. If it were up to me, both the sorority and RA Social justice group would be given the opportunity to paint the rock with whatever they please and it could not be painted over for at least a minimum of a week. I am ashamed to know that a fraternity disrespected their “sisters” that way. I am ashamed to know that the word “black” was once again covered up and viewed as “inappropriate”. Racism is in fact, In Storrs Now. (That was actually a play on the theme Res Life used for Resident Assistant training, thought that was cool.)

    Racism is real. Blacks are too. Nothing to hide, cover up or speak in secret about. UConn, get it together and figure out your next move before things get out of hand and potentially dangerous. Install a camera, implement a rock painting curfew… do something! Not having an answer is just as bad as agreeing with all thats going on..

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