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Mental Health is More Important Than Grades

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10 Replies to “Mental Health is More Important Than Grades”

  1. Dan says:

    This is an incredibly important argument that colleges and students seem to forget. The point of college is to develop the student so they can get a leg up into adulthood. College allows kids to take chances and make mistakes so they can learn important lessons in an academic environment instead of in life. People don’t go to college to get good grades. Sometimes grades are important because they can get in your way of passing the class, program, or getting into grad school. If someone needs to meet these requirements and are still stressed out, they probably need to reconsider how they work. Working smarter instead of harder is not intuitive, and not initially easy, but more efficient and less likely to cause mental health problems. The only reason I graduated with Bipolar disorder and fatigue problems is because I adopted these views. Once I did, I was more mentally healthy than many of my peers without mental health problems.

  2. VRuiz says:

    College is def all about trial and error. It’s that point in life in which you’ll most likely try a million things and eventually figure out what you do and dont like. I def see it like that too. Grades are probably the least of someones worries. As long as I passed, i cold careless about my grade on a test as long as I did a decent job and applied myself to the best of my ability, I was content. Some people are more into their GPA and stuff like that and def get stressed out about studying to get the perfect grade, which can be completely overwhelming. People lose sleep, sometimes forget to eat or eat poorly bc they dont have time, and dont find the time to check in on their mental health. Have to find the balance to get through it. I would def suggest taking advantage of the sessions and workshops colleges have on safe study habits and tips, especially during finals and midterms. The resources are out there, just have to take advantage.

  3. Sara says:

    Being happy in healthy is way more important. One of my favorite quotes is:

  4. Grace says:

    I agree with this general sentiment about mental health being more important than grades, however its important to note that despite the fact that mental health should be at the top of your priorities, the capitalist workforce does not allow mental health days, and is generally not understanding of these kinds of things. Performance loss at work can lead to much worse turns of events and it’s important in my opinion to make sure people realize that college is probably the last time you get to put mental health first, and so you should prepare during this time. No matter how mentally unhealthy you may be, unless you are in the hospital you don’t get a pass. You don’t get make-up days. Make sure you take this practice time to improve your methods of coping with tough days, or you might find you’ll have even more tough days ahead of you.

  5. Jamie0715 says:

    Yes right now mental health is more important than grades you don’t know other peoples abilities o learn some people learn fast some people learn slow and just because hey learn slow don’t mean they wont learn you just got have patience and give them time to process the information you are giving them.

  6. SPerillo says:

    I unfortunately allowed my grades to become more important than my mental health and to this day it is one of my biggest regrets. I had always felt pressured to take difficult classes throughout high school to live up to everyone’s expectations. By doing this I was pushing my limits and slowly losing my sanity. I later was diagnosed with a concussion and developed a reading comprehension disorder, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. This changed my entire high school career, but I learned to cope with it. After multiple sessions with my therapist I was able to turn my life around. I was eating healthy and exercising frequently, even taking up yoga, and felt so much more serene. I now learn the values of having put myself above all others. I hope this is something I can continue to have control over in college this fall. Any tips on this?

  7. Anonymous says:

    For me, finding the balance between caring about grades and caring about mental health is very difficult but necessary. I value doing well in school, and so when grades mattered earlier in senior year, I dedicated way too much time focusing on school rather than noticing that I got roughly 4 hours of sleep a night for weeks on end. By second semester, I was still doing my assignments, but if my work was not all done by about 12:30, I wouldn’t finish my work and placed sleep’s importance above that of my schoolwork.

  8. Jamie0715 says:

    I feel that if you are a person incapable of doing something they, should not force you or make you do something you cant do. Everybody as citizens should have the right to advocate for themselves.Not be judge because of grades.

  9. Kevin A. says:

    I love this topic and I enjoyed running back through this thread. Interestingly, I have been thinking about the trade off between taking care of my mental health and going to school.
    In the simplest sense, you really need to be prepared for school: you need the right materials but most importantly you need good health – you need to be focused and emotionally ready to tackle the challenges that school, especially college, brings.
    Yes, you need to use your time and energy for school but that will not be a wise investment if you do not take care of your mental health.

    Getting good sleep, eating well, staying positive, seeing your counselor, taking your medications and so on, are just as important as getting your credits. So for anyone looking for advice and may think they need some time to think and recuperate from all the summer activities, you should definitely explore the resources at this link: http://www.learnpsychology.org/mental-health/

  10. stev0003 says:

    You gotta get both right. Every aspect of our life is important, our hopes and dreams but so is our mental health.

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