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I’m going back to prison

Did that title grab your attention? Well, I am going back to prison, but this time I won’t be returning as an inmate… I’ll be returning as a guest speaker!

Tomorrow, 8/16… I will be speaking at the prison I was incarcerated in, in the exact building I was housed in! In order to get to the room that I would be speaking in, I will be walking past the cell I was in!

I’m feeling so many different emotions about this. I’m definitely excited because I’ve been wanting to speak there for a long time, but wasn’t able to because of legal restrictions. This is a big milestone for my speaking gigs, but also for my recovery. As excited and grateful as I am, I’m also very anxious. I’m prepared for the symptoms of my PTSD to be extremely elevated before, during, and after.. but i’m confident in experiencing this. I want to feel the emotions, all of them, good and bad.

I’m doing a reaction video before and after going in.. so follow our facebook page for an immediate post! I’ll upload them on here on Friday, but I’ll record the videos on fb as it’s happening! You know I wanna give you all the raw stuff!

I’ll be writing about it in my blog too so keep a lookout for that!

One Reply to “I’m going back to prison”

  1. torry22 says:

    Hope it went great- I am sure it did! You are an inspiration esp to those who you can speak to about your story and that help them through their stuff. Great job!

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