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Finding a job?

Hey everyone!

I was wondering (out of personal curiosity) how most of you tend to find jobs? I have personally used indeed.com for most of my employment needs, yet word of mouth has landed me a nice part time side gig as well. I’m hoping to learn what has worked for others.

Part of what people don’t always remember is the human connection component. People want to hire motivated and courteous employees. It is not always what is just on paper!

3 Replies to “Finding a job?”

  1. VRuiz says:

    those job host sites have only worked for me once! I remember taking a workshop on resume building and how to make my resume stand out on websites like that, and I still havent been able to master it. I still get a lot of recruiter emails so I guess it’s at least a great platform for exposure. For me, the word of mouth works best. Takin advantage of networking opportunities and connecting to professionals in all type of career fields is essential to the process, at least in my opinion

  2. Kevin A. says:

    Job fairs are also a great idea and are also good for networking.

  3. Terri6902 says:

    In all honesty its all about social networking.

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