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Conference in Atlanta

Soooo, Sara and I went to a Nation Health Conference on Communication, Marketing & Media about 2 weeks ago and it was amazing. We were able to share about TurningPointCT.org with tons of other health organizations. We were one of very few mental health, and young adult based, orgs there so our perspective and knowledge was well taken and favored. We attended several different mini sessions about young adults and technology, networked… and for the very first time, were presenters at two poster sessions. Our poster was amazing to say the least and we received a lot of feedback, and answered a lot of questions about the development and maintenance of the site. It’s interesting that a lot of people were so intrigued by the concept of young adults creating, managing, maintaining, and successfully operating a website at this capacity. Our matra, “by and for young adults” stirred up a lot of conversation and it was so special to see the positivity. To be able to share what it is that we do, how young people were involved, our success and lessons learned was certainly a great experience, but most importantly, an opportunity to show other orgs from all over the nation, that they too can create a resource like ours. Young people can do it…it was so empowering.

2 Replies to “Conference in Atlanta”

  1. Sara says:

    Yessss! It was awesome. It was a great to get the word out about TurningPointCT.org! Rai and I learned a lot and were excited to see how people loved the idea of the website being for and by young people; something that isn’t usually seen! So thank you for everyone’s help in continuing to make TurningPointCT.org great!

  2. Sam B. says:

    Wow that sounds really cool. It’s really nice to see that this website is getting out there and recognized. It has definitely helped me out a lot and it’s awesome that through doing stuff like this it can help other people like me!

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