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Changes in School & Work Because of COVID-19

With the current pandemic we are experiencing, I’d love to get feedback and discuss how everyone has been doing with school and work lately. I know this situation has effected many people in different ways, and I would love to offer a listening ear if anyone needs it.

As for me, in reference to work, it is a little strange to be working from home but I am still grateful to be able to do so. In regards to school, it has taken a little getting used to when going from on campus classes to online classes because the campuses are now closed, but I think I have adjusted well. I think my biggest issue with the school closures have been not being able to walk the stage and graduate this May even though I earned it and studied so hard!

How are others dealing with and struggling with the closures of work places and schools? Has it been an easy adjustment, or a hard one?

Please reply below!

5 Replies to “Changes in School & Work Because of COVID-19”

  1. SkyJordan43 says:

    having the workplace close sucks, I really enjoyed going to another environment and being able to focus and be with all my co-workers. it has definitely been a challenge at home because I now have this co-worker named Bronx who barks to much.

  2. Luz.Feliz says:

    LOL! I bet having a new barking coworker can be hard to adjust to, but maybe it’s like having pet therapy easily accessible to you. Thanks for the humor in the midst of this pandemic!

  3. SkyJordan43 says:

    of course and he has been hardly working and just sleeps all day. but it helps get my stuff done quicker.

  4. SkyJordan43 says:

    running across this post again, covid is starting to pick back up how do you think it will affect us the next couple months? I’m finding myself hesitant to go back in and feeling the need to lock back down and bunker at home for most things in life.

  5. SkyJordan43 says:

    since we have gone back into the bunker life it has been amazing and i feel so productive with being at home guaranteed.

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