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Sparking Interest Out of a Position of Boredom

I find myself excruciatingly bored these days to the effect of not even getting out of bed; what’s the point – nothing excites me, nothing . Fortunately, this anhedonia may not be rooting from depression but in fact be genuine boredom. I put this up for consideration since the life in me feels sparked up again after hearing more of Terence McKenna…not mention Phil Borges, and how Jung is so perfectly implied too. It was a beautiful synchronicity to hear about the holographic model the day after fractals were brought up in class.

Perhaps I’m not hopelessly depressed. Perhaps I truly am simply bored. I woke up immediately looking forward to hear more from McKenna. Overwhelmed even…there’s so much to learn! My stomach flipped with that nerd anticipation. Just think, I came to the conclusion that we go through life believing in an origin of a culturally defined religion, and if rising to a higher level of consciousness we can believe that we will never know. Terrence ignites my interest to get out of bed, once again, for I don’t have to pretend being satisfied that ‘we just won’t ever know.’ After all, it’s only natural…only human…to seek these answers and understandings, right? Maybe I’ll never know, but the journey toward understanding can be one hell of a ride. =)

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