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Open Discussion: When Hurt Haunts

With this post Id like to create an open discussion to talk about when being hurt comes back to nibble at your brain a little bit. It can be really frustrating and difficult to be reminded of hard times especially when you’re on a roll, or getting over it, or you feel like you’re all better. Share what you do to try to either distract yourself, or heal, or whatever it is that you do to positively benefit yourself when those thoughts just wont leave you alone.

3 Replies to “Open Discussion: When Hurt Haunts”

  1. Allikat says:

    I love this thread because I can totally relate. I’ve been experiencing the hurt of a breakup I went through recently trying to creep back in my mind and mess up my recovery, my happiness, etc. I’ve been trying to stay busy to distract me which is helpful, but then at the same time I feel as if it’s really difficult for me to be motivated or focused on the task because these thoughts are so invading ya know?

    Prayer is a big helper for me too.. also spending time with my best friend. She really helps keep my spirit up or she’s the one I go to with all of these feelings. Sometimes though, I have to just feel the feelings and push through them. When I start to feel it getting dangerous, that’s when I’ll take a break and focus on something else.

    I’ve tried to replace my thoughts with things I hated about the person or times they made me angry, but it doesn’t always work.. so lately, I’ve been trying to make peace with the person and situation in hopes that it will help and it has a bit.

    Writing, reading, and watching funny shows have been helpful too

  2. jsicilia says:

    becasue of what i went through, it gave me a perspective that was beneficial. i got there because when i was settled i was living by myself so i was with my thoughts and memories, it took a couple years to fully emotionally and physically get over it but i did….around that time my current situations were starting to affect my life day in and day out….it still does. there are times when i fell like im walking on eggshells and so on. everyday is different, it has sustained in the sense it hasnt gotten worse, better at times.

    theres no specific thing i do to get through it.

    i still have my broad perspective which does help me, its also been my curse so to speak.

  3. egbumblebee says:

    Hey Joe,
    I like that you said that having a broad perspective is both helpful and harmful. I agree with that. I, too think generally speaking that my experiences, while painful, give me a perspective and empathy that is valuable and that I would not have otherwise gained.
    I also don’t really know why I get “through”, I’m sure there are plenty of things I do to get through, though it’s difficult to pinpoint them.

    I think, mostly, what helps me is knowing that I have gotten through hard times. I know logically that what goes up must come down, so I know that both good and difficult times don’t last. That helps me a lot.

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