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An Prologue to Insanity

Aside from the variety of things I plan to discuss as a part of my blog, allow me to introduce myself personally and in the context of Turning Point. My name’s Luca, I’m 17, and I’m a recovering addict. However in a sense to not let a term like that define me, Hi, I’m Luca, I’m 17, and I’m just another human being that so happens to have struggled (and manage) with Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Self-Harm, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, the whole 9 yards. (I wonder where that expression came from? “the whole 9 wards”, nine yards of what?! whatever) Through a long and complicated journey I was able to make it out on top (sorta) and I can’t complain too much about my life today, I feel actually “grateful” for what I have now. And let’s get something straight here, I want to iron out a stereotype I had before now, I was under the assumption (in the heat of my emotions and addictions and what not) that people with psychiatric issues, and people who don’t drink or smoke, where lame as hell and a lot of the time very social awkward and weird to be around, I promise you the last thing I am is a weird kid, I might be a little f’d up but It’s my pleasure to announce that getting clean did not turn me into a nerd, or make more depressed, or any of that sh*t. Where were we? Ah, yes a proper introduction, well enough about what’s supposed to be important then, let me ease into who I identify as. My life revolves around music, I will drag that into every post and most likely label a few songs I’ve been listening to that day at the bottom of the post. I play guitar, bass, do vocals, write and record music, listen to all different genres (except pop, country, rap, pop-punk, emo/screamo sad kid bullsh*t and holiday tunes). So music has had a very significant relevance in my recovery, emotions, psychological well-being, development, and establishing myself as a person in my values and morals. I will be posting at the least one time a week, sometimes more, never less, about a variety of things, and am more than glad to post based on request and answer any questions anybody might have or would want to reach out to me for.

“Thanks A Lot” – Third Eye Blind
“Looking Down The Barrel of Today” – Hatebreed
“Overlord” – Black Label Society
“If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” AC/DC
“Bleed American” – Jimmy Eat World

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