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Your favorite ‘Chill-Out Music’?

On redefining the meaning of ‘Chill-Out Music’ to mean just what it sounds like, what song/s do you listen to when you are just relaxing? … Maybe after a long day; while on a road trip or on a vacation; studying for an exam or just taking a rest.

‘Chill-out’ music usually refers to electronic music with a mellow style, but whatever music you listen to, to create the right groove for a peace of mind is pretty much your ‘Chill-out music”

Some of my choices include:

Jason Mraz
I’m Yours (2008)

Bob Marley & Laryn Hill
Turn Your Lights Down 1977

Junn ft Sam Smith
When Its Alright 2009

9 Replies to “Your favorite ‘Chill-Out Music’?”

  1. RaiC says:

    Listen, you just put me in a very happy place lol I am jamming right now.

    Really enjoy your blogs and your taste in music!

    Btw, I know there’s a lot of people keeping up with the blogs. It’s still not too late to submit some of your own pieces and be our next blogger. BLOG INFO HERE Send us what you got!

  2. Jamie0715 says:

    I like R&B love songs are the best when you are feeling down or going through a brake up or loosing a friend. It really keeps our mind running and distracted from negative things.

  3. Kevin A. says:

    Thanks Rai, happy to help lol. You should share some of your music too!

  4. Kevin A. says:

    So true Jamie, I admire your genuine thought… I especially like R&B songs from the 90s and early 2000s, which of course are mostly about love and relationships.

  5. RaiC says:

    Ugh, my chill out playlist is pretty much anything old school. I love the Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Michael J… All of the classics.

    In speaking about that, Prince is def still one of my go to’s.. and as I write this, I just found out that Prince has passed away. What a huge loss to music! We’re losing our greats, those who have made history. I’ve always known him to be legendary.. but now, it’s official. Tough loss

    R.I.P to a true King!

  6. Kevin A. says:

    Uhhh! This is truly sad. Purple Rain was one of the few movies on my computer throughout high school – I used to watch it for motivation, but that was before I got to know who Prince really was and the impact he had on the world.

  7. VRuiz says:

    Shoutout to this threaaaaad, it’s lit. I literally mad a quick playlist, thanks for the jams!

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