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"Pull Yourself Together": Sinead Occonor

How common is PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)?

Statistics show that 7.7 million Americans age 18 and older have PTSD.

And people who have experienced previous traumatic events run a higher risk of developing PTSD.

One of the most familiar effects of PTSD is that it can create very vicious cycles between victims and their families.

Thing is, people with PTSD often become distrustful of their family; there might be a break down in communication and they may loose closeness with each other.
Family members may just happen to have respond in the wrong way and that could make relationships worse.

What I’ve learnt from this Irish Singer, Sinead Occonor is that PTSD is not something that you can always deal with on your own. She went missing last week and when she was found it was reported that she had attempted suicide.

She opened up about her struggle with PTSD and the relationship that she has had with her family. She blamed them for the trauma they had caused her which eventually lead her to migrate to the US.

It makes one wonder, how could a talented artist with such comforting vocals end up needing the same comfort she has shown to the world for years.

Nonetheless, Occonor had a very controversial past including feuding with Prince, Ripping up a picture of the Pope, attacking Miley Cyrus for how she had represented women in the media.

But no one, really knew her for her struggle with metal illness and when news broke that she was missing, there was a round of negative attacks against her and another round even after she admitted to her suicidal past. It only goes to show how cold the world can be.

In a sense, people felt she needed to ‘pull herself together’ but it really shows how little we really know about mental illness or how little we care to know.

There is just that one moment when you need support instead of being attacked. “Pull yourself together” is simply said but mental illness, often times is a very complex issue.


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