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Musicians Left the Stage and Opened Up About Mental Health

Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes from the most unlikely places and I have to say much power to our musicians who have come forward this year to openly talk and express themselves about their recovery from mental illness. Earlier last week Lady Gaga broke the news about her struggle with PTSD while visiting the Ali Forney Center, and as we always see, with much stigma and ignorance, not everyone fully embraced her. None other than Piers Morgan tried to shame her on social media for what he called, and I quote his exact words, a “vain-glorious nonsense”. I was a bit surprised that someone, who I guess should have been as informed as Piers Morgan, would take such a stance, especially on this matter. I was happy nonetheless that Lady Gaga has agreed to do an interview with him, so thats something to look forward to. I was also happy that Gaga expressed herself in the right way when Mr. Morgan came out at her. She is a true inspiration and a very strong and brave lady.
And regardless of how we feel or don’t feel about Kanye, we have to show him some sympathy and respect for his journey. And names like Cudi, Zayne, Selena all taught us something this year, and much love to Jill Krajewski for this article: “The Year Musicians Left the Stage for the Timeline and Opened Up About Mental Health.” It basically sums up all the breakthroughs in music this year: https://noisey.vice.com/en_ca/article/the-year-musicians-left-the-stage-for-the-timeline-and-opened-up-about-mental-health.

One Reply to “Musicians Left the Stage and Opened Up About Mental Health”

  1. RaiC says:

    I always talk about how important it is for public figures (celebs) to be real, especially about their mental health. Not only does it just make the most sense, I think it gives all of us a sense of empowerment. It shows that regardless of everything (social status, wealth) we are all struggling in one way or another and that no one is perfect. I def missed the news on Lady Gaga, so thanks for letting us know. She’s always marched to the beat of her own drum and seems like she doesnt care how people view her or judge her for that matter, so it’s cool to see her take on someone like Morgan.

    As far as Kanye goes, while we do have to show him sympathy and respect for his journey, its hard to do so when he’s been doing some shady stuff for quite some time now. I do no think his behavior and sometimes outright disrespect towards people is always a direct result of his mental health struggles, so I get really annoyed when people start to assume that’s why he’s been the way he is and that we should just automatically rock with him again. I will say that Kanye is amazing, but his attitude sucks these days. Sure I dont know what he’s going through and I can only assume, but there’s a thin line. At one point he was my favorite artist and now, all I do is just pray that he gets it together. I’m hoping that his opening up about his mental health will help him get better and will help him to realize what matters, how important he is and how valuable he is to us. I’m just happy that he’s found his break through. Come home Kanye!

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