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This is another word that describes an emotion that we often experience but find difficult to explain. Monachopsis is defined as “The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.”

And these are some songs that can be related to this experience:

1. The Daylights – Outsider

2. Eminem – Sing For The Moment


3. Beautiful Eminem- Clean

4. Coldplay – How You See The World

5. Modest Mouse-Little Motel

6. Vienna

7. Hozier – Someone New

8. Where does the good go – Tegan and Sara

9. Heart Of Gold

10. Sara Evans – A Little Bit Stronger

2 Replies to “Monachopsis”

  1. RaiC says:

    monachopsis…. where did you find that word? lol thats the first I’ve ever heard of it but these definitely describe that feeling!

  2. Kevin A. says:

    Kool word isn’t it? It’s origin comes with some pretty interesting facts.

    So it is a Greek word. It comes from the words monos + opsis. ‘Monos’ means solitary, alone, or unique and ‘opsis’ refers to like or appearance. The joint meaning is “An underlying and unremitting sense of not really belonging.”

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