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Fight Suicidal Thoughts With Music

Music serves many purposes, but one particular service it does is to lift us out of our loneliest and darkest moments.

Music helps us to tap into emotions that distracts us from negative thinking. When it seems no one cares to listen or we are not being understood, music unveils the deep hidden emotions and thoughts that we would have otherwise kept to ourselves.

These songs are by people who themselves have dealt with the unfortunate experience of having to fight suicidal tendencies…

Battle Cry – Angel Haze (2014)
Dedicated to survivors of child abuse and social prejudice.

“Cause it’s easy to keep pretending that there’s nothing wrong
But it’s harder to keep their head up and be… strong”


Beautiful Pain – Eminem (2013)
A tribute to our unwavering strength during difficult times

“As time passes
Things change every day
But wounds, wounds heal, but scars still remain the same”

Same love Cover – Jenna Mason-Brase (2013)
A cover of Macklemore’s original song ‘Same Love’ depicting the personal struggle with homophobia.

“this is a world so hateful
So many would rather die
Than be who they are”


Coming Down – Five Finger Death Punch (2013)
Dedicated to survivors of bullying

I just want to dedicate this to anyone who may be having a bad day or may just be going through a difficult period in their life. Conversations around music is a good place to start. Somehow I have managed to find refuge here and I’m sure it is doing the same for many others. #StayPositive #MusicHeals


2 Replies to “Fight Suicidal Thoughts With Music”

  1. Terri6902 says:

    Alot of people are suffering behind closed doors… Just remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  2. Jamie0715 says:

    When you feeling suicidal I think is a great idea to listen to music. It really keeps you distracted from thinking negative thoughts listen to something nice and slow that you like and I bet you will be just fine after don’t stress yourself. Keep thinking positive don’t let nobody make you feel suicidal PLEASE…

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