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Part One of Week 4/18/16

This is the first part of my blog for this week because my week is so stressful I want you guys to see how even though I feel so stressed, anxious and depressed this week I will get through it the second part will be posted Friday afternoon and I will be a reflection on how I thought this week really went. First off does anyone feel this week is so stressful? This is my second to last week of class and all of a sudden I feel like my life is falling apart its like someone pulled the rug out from under me and I just landed right on my face. I’ve been doing so well all semester and now I don’t know what to do. Today is Monday and looking at the week I’m trying to be positive and think maybe I can handle all of this but I have no idea how. This is my week… Monday (today) I have a Spanish test I should be studying for and I have but me and Spanish don’t really click. So I have studied the best I could. Then I have promo for an event I have on Wednesday but more on that later. Tuesday I have class all day then I have work till 12 am. Which is hopefully when I get most of my stuff done. Wednesday I have another test in Spanish and then I have an event, which I am really excited about but before the event I have to interview two people I only have 40 minutes to do it. Thursday my interview notes are due also I have two quizzes which I have to find time to study for because my event on Wednesday is going to till around 11:30. Having anxiety, I never know if I am over reacting about the stress or if I am really drowning. People around me without mental illness are also stressed so a feel a little bit better but I still feel super stressed. Being as stressed out as I am my depression is hurting me I want nothing to do with anyone. I want to lay in bed alone which is something I never ever want to do I want to be able to feel like everything I am doing throughout the day is meaningful but here I am wanting to skip class tomorrow to lay in bed. Well thanks for reading this guys. Wish me luck for this week to go by as quick and painless as possible. Look out for my next post on Friday.

3 Replies to “Part One of Week 4/18/16”

  1. Valerie says:

    Deep breaths! All I can recommend is making sure you cut out a little time for you to relax because it is overwhelming to complete all of that work.
    If you can, practice mindful eating so when you can sit down and eat lunch or even a snack, you are observing every bite – flavor, texture, etc. it will help you slow your thoughts down and make time for you.

    I hope the quizzes go well, even if Spanish isn’t the most exciting thing for you. I know how tough it can be to study for something I am not as enthusiastic about.
    Great job identifying your struggles of wanting to skip class and lay in bed. It’s amazing you can identify those thoughts and doing your best to pull through the next couple of days.
    I wish you the best and I am keeping you in my thoughts. You CAN do this!! 🙂

  2. kellynicole says:

    hey Valerie
    Every time you comment on my blog it makes me smile. Thank you so much for supporting me. My week is already getting a little better my professor is letting me take my quiz on Friday because she sees how stressed out I am this week!
    just trying to stay positive and smile though it. i know it will be okay its just hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel when your in so much stress.
    thank you so much!

  3. Valerie says:

    I am always excited to read your blog and am happy to comment. 🙂
    I’m so glad your professor gave you some time. I think professors are more aware of mental health and the stress students are going through more than ever before.
    I hope this little extra time will help you significantly this week. We are almost half way through the week…you’ve got this. 😉
    If you ever need anything, let me know. I’m always here!

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