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so I have not posted in a week because i have been super super busy with work, i was working as a para in a school and i would get out around 3:30 and all i could think of was to sleep so i slept till 6:30 ate and slept. sleeping has much as i was i thought it could be my depression but working this these kids was the best ive ever felt so honestly i just think it was really tiring to work with this kids day after day.
school ended last week so now i am trying to find a new job for the summer… and that is just very very stressful. i just wish someone just just hire me and life would be that easy but nope. i loved working with my kids but i cant do that for the summer so i am kind of stuck.
anyway… back to the main story of this week the title is Loki… so i got a fish last summer and i fell in love with it. i know its a fish they dont live very long but he did Loki lived for a whole year and it was great. he was such a happy little fish… he LOVED musicals he would swim around his tank when i played songs. but now hes gone. i am really upset and i feel stupid i know it was just a fish and fish dont live long but i flushed him away and im to sad to clean the tank so it is currently sitting on my desk with the water… i am getting a new fish on wednesday. but i loved loki he made me smile when i was sad i would move his tank to the floor and watch him swim around. and he would just make me smile and i knew he was happy. i just hope he knew how much he meant to me even though he was a fish, i have very deep connections to things… this is my first pet i took care of that died so im pretty upset about it.

2 Replies to “Loki”

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Kelly,

    You have a lot on your plate right now. I am so sorry you lost your fish, Loki. I can understand how much it hurts – I have had pets most of my entire life. I always felt a house was never a “home” without a pet or two around. Please let us know how your new fish is when you find the right one 🙂

    Finding work can be tough. I am very passionate about employment, most likely because I have struggled with it in the past. I think it is a great thing that you love being a para. It seems clear to me that you really are called to professions that include acts of service for others.

    I think that the silver lining with your summer break is that it may give you some extra time for projects or personal time. If you find a summer job, that is wonderful. But I also like to think of things working out in unexpected ways. You will return to your work in the fall, which is awesome too.

    Your blog here is awesome because it can give you exposure to so many different things. I know many people find a lot of value in what you have to say on here. Keep up the great job ~ Michael

  2. Terri6902 says:

    Loosing your pet is so sad, this made me wanna cry.

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