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finals week

Finals week in college are probably one of the worst weeks for every college student adding mental illness into the mix doesn’t make it fun at all. Being as stressed I am I almost just shut down. Its honestly so scary for me. I have worked so hard for more then three months and I may not have done as while I wanted to. I work so hard in school so finals are no different. I hate them because everything is so close together. I am trying to study for one final while writing a paper for another because my mind will not stop telling me all the thing I have to get down in a four-day span. I go back home on Friday and on top of stressing about finals, I am sad to leave for the summer. I have living in the house for a year and being at school is my safe place I walk to the beach everyday maybe twice a day on really nice days and now I have to leave for the whole summer and not be anywhere near a beach. It sucks. Also I am leaving friends. I know I am going back in 3 months but that’s what sucks about college friends you don’t see them for so long. They can always visit but people are so busy in the summer that its almost impossible to meet up. So in short this is a hard week for my depression I am living my beach and my support group of friends here for 3 months and I have to wait and find out how I did in school which on top of everything is so stressful because of how hard I worked. Also because most of you reading this are from CT, I would love to let you know about the NAMI walk in Hartford. It is on May 21st and I would love you guys to make a team or just donate money. Its all about breaking the stigma around mental illness.

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  1. RaiC says:

    You got this Kelly! Step by step, you’re almost finish with the week! It’s so great to hear you talk about the NAMI walk in Hartford. We’ll be there alongside a few different young adult orgs. You’re more than welcome to join our time and walk with us 🙂

    Here’s the link to our team: MIND OVER MATTER https://fundraise.namict.org/fundraise?fcid=617438

    Everyone who reads this, join in! “CT Strong, TurningPointCT, Advocacy Unlimited, Join Rise Be, InterCommunity, Jordan Porco Foundation, Connecticut Legal Rights Project, YAS Biz, Institute of Living and DMHAS Young Adult Services are all key organizations dedicated to advocacy and empowerment of young people with mental health challenges in Connecticut.” We’ll be walking in unison to stop the stigma around mental health, advocate, and of course to educate. Come have some fun!

    NAMI Walk in Hartford May 21, 2016 at 9:00am

    Bushnell Park
    99 Trinity Street
    Hartford, CT 06105

  2. Kevin A. says:

    Hey Kelly,

    How were your finals, hope all went went. I know a lot of people have been working through their finals, this past week, it must be really stressful. But we are here to support you in whatever way we can, so let us know how it was.

    Btw, safe trip home. This summer might just turn out better than you think.

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