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What is your Greatest Strength?

I feel like a lot of the time as human beings we tend to focus our attention more on the negative things we do, our flaws, all the things we need to improve on, etc, instead of looking at the things we strive in as well. With that being said, what do you feel are some of your greatest strengths? I’ll go first.

-I am a very reliable person
-I am book smart
-I have a good sense of humor
-I have learned to adapt to change
-I am hardworking
-I am caring

What about you guys???

3 Replies to “What is your Greatest Strength?”

  1. torry22 says:


    I love this! Focusing on our positive traits is so wonderful!

    -I am very positive
    -Very caring
    -Passionate about everything I do
    -Hard working

  2. faljak says:

    I’ve been going to this topic, reading it and leaving it be because I keep having something to say but then I keep having to adjust my answer. A lot of my good usually has some bad too, but I think the same can be said for a bunch of people. Regardless, I think I have a good list, finally!

    — Able to empathize; here’s where I’m concerned, I can empathize but I try to talk through it to someone and I feel like it pushes them away. I want to be able to show others that I understand, that I get it, but sometimes it shines too brightly.

    — Full of humor and laughs.

    — Charismatic and personable.

    — Passionate ( especially about writing, art, and acting ).

    — Tough-skinned but gentle-hearted.

    — Intelligent and well-spoken / well-written.

    — Quirky / Unique.

  3. egbumblebee says:

    I love how much thought you guys have put into your answers. It’s so awesome when we can shift our focus from what we feel is crappy about ourselves- which is SO easy to perseverate on- to what we LOVE about ourselves. And there’s so much to love about ourselves, even when we feel we cannot see it.

    My strengths:
    – I am deeply empathetic- sometimes this needs to be redirected or I need to give myself “reality checks” and hone it in a little, but still, this is a great skill I have learned through years of pain and trauma.
    – I am driven and have goals. Even when I feel I am in the depths of a pit, I can strive for things miles away.
    – I am a deeply loving, kind, and caring person. I love to nurture, being kind to my fellow humans makes me feel full because I know there have been times when kind strangers helped me through many things.
    – I have a rich life experience- that despite being painful, I have survived and learned great lessons from
    – I am a survivor. I gave myself permission to give up many years ago, and despite that remain on my two feet, often carrying a little on, at that.
    – I am deeply self reflective, and inquisitive of the world and my place within it. Again, when this runs wild, as many good things, it is not so good! I joke that I had my first extensential crisis in Elememtary school, but really, I remember sitting on the swings and asking myself why am I here? Why am I me? I could have been born into a different body, and having this realization that everything is some strange intentional accident- that is fragile and sits precariously on the edge of massive change and loss and pain and joy at all moments.

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