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Time Management

I wanted to talk about something we all seem to struggle with occasionally – time management! I used to constantly be late for events when I was younger, not taking into account transition time or traffic. It affected school, work, and commitments with family and friends. I didn’t realize how it showed a lack of respect or accountability when I didn’t even communicate with others.

What helped me was to add about 10 minutes for traffic, and if it was a new location, add time to find parking. I also would double check to make sure I had everything I needed as well.

Can anyone else relate to being known as the person who was/is always late? My latest time goal is to exercise and stretch regularly… :0Sweet Brown

2 Replies to “Time Management”

  1. mega says:

    I can relate! In my family both my parents and my brother are the kind of people who are always on time or early for things. I’m always late, but not a lot — like 5 minutes. It caused a lot of problems though, because my dad and I were always fighting about it (and everything else), so eventually I actually changed my behavior and started to be ready on time. EXCEPT that then, my family started being ready even earlier and being mad that I was still making them wait when they were ready to go… That seemed (and still seems) really unfair to me.

    I dont’ live with them any more, and I’m back to being 5 minutes late all the time.

  2. VRuiz says:

    Meme life is the best life! I am literally alwaaaaays late. It’s not like it’s done purposely, but it just happens.

    I am still trying to manage my time and figure things out. Since Travel is a huge part of both my social and work life, I have to also start adding distance and the Travel time into my schedule.

    I also hate being really early for any one thing.. Just hate wasting time and being somewhere not doing anything except waiting to meet someone or go to an appointment.

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