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The Fear of Losing a Pet

After several weeks of hesitation, I finally made the decision to get a puppy. From the moment I brought her into my home, I have never regretted my decision of accepting her into my life. She makes me happy, she is the one I talk to when no one else is around and although she cannot respond to what it is that I am saying, I know that she can feel what I can feel. She is playful, stubborn, and she is just about the cutest little thing I have ever seen in my life. Although we have not been together very long, yesterday I became very worried about her when her health declined. She began to tremble and cry, not being able to properly go to the bathroom as well as vomiting. I feared the worse, that she was not going to get better, and that as small as she was, her body was not going to be able to hold on much longer. All of a sudden I began to reminisce in the short yet great things we had done together, about the great fact that I get to bring her to work with me everyday and how everyone here loves her, how she nibbles on my toes because she is still teething. Thankfully, after a very long night my puppy, Bella, is doing much better. Nevertheless, this goes to show how much someone can grow so close to something or someone in such a short amount of time. I would have never thought I would love something as much as I love my Bella.

6 Replies to “The Fear of Losing a Pet”

  1. Amily says:

    I’m glad to hear the puppy is doing better!

  2. nathanieljblack7 says:

    Oh, Luz- I’m so glad your puppy is doing better.

    Animals have a way of wiggling their way into our hearts quickly and easily. They’re masters at it. I think it has something to do with their willingness to accept and love you completely and utterly for just who you are. My Sponsor once said to me “I could be laying in bed plotting murder and my dog would still be sitting at my feet and he wouldn’t love me any less.” I know my cat means the world to me. When there is no one else there is always Cas. There’s a reason they recommend pets for those who suffer from any sort of mental health problems.

    I remember the first time one of my pets died. He was a hamster and i adored him. He got sick with wet tail which is basically the flu for hamsters. I wrapped him in a warm blanket and held him for hours. He passed only after I fell asleep in front of my cage. I’m convinced he purposely held on until I was asleep.

    It’s hard, when you love someone so much but they’re so small and fragile. But it’s worth it. I’m glad you got her. Never. I repeat, NEVER let the fear of loss stop you from loving.

  3. Luz.Feliz says:

    Bella seemed to have gotten better, but I could tell that something was still wrong with her as she was still not completely back to her normal self. With the help of a very special friend I was able to get her to a vet, and after several visits back and forth, it was discovered that my poor 2 and a half pound baby Bella had an intestinal blockage that had to be removed immediately. No wonder she had been in so much pain, and she could not go to the bathroom without screaming! My poor baby. I could not help but feel helpless, but at the same time feel guilty. Is this something I had caused? Did she get sick because of me? All I knew was that I wanted her to get better and make it through this, she is just so tiny!!!

    Bella is now being spoon fed up to 5 times a day so that she can get all of the medicine and nutrients she needs in order to be able to eat regular puppy food on her own. Day by day she is getting stronger and is eating and going to the bathroom with improvements. I love my little girl, and I just can’t wait until she is healthy enough to come home.

  4. Luz.Feliz says:


    After a while of Bella being with my friend who was taking care of her while she recovered from her intestinal blockage, she sat down with me and we had one of the hardest conversations I’ve had to have. I made the decision to let Bella get adopted by a family who could better meet her needs, who had someone who was home at all times and could therefore tend to her strict dietary regimen. I felt like I made the correct decision for Bella’s sake, because I know in the long run she will be able to get back to her healthy self 100% in a home where she has more room to run around, and where she can be tended to all of the time. It is difficult for me to tend to her as much as I would like to due to my job and transportation accommodations, so I am certain that she will be alright.

  5. Jamie0715 says:

    I have a dog named bo he is a black and white half chiwuawua half pitbull somehow. This dog has been around my family since he was a puppy he is like part of the family. He even eats at the same time and same food as us. He is very old and sometimes I feel like something is going to happened to him. I just hope that he can be with us a little longer and I want him to now that I love hi very much my bobo

  6. Luz.Feliz says:


    I also have another family dog, her name is Cuquin and she is about 10 years old. I’ve had her since I was 12 and I can still remember the day I went to go pick her up at my family friend’s house on that Friday before the end of April vacation of 8th grade. I often worry about something happening to her as well because she is getting older, and I chuckled a little the other day as I found myself having a little “talk” with her. I can recall telling her that she wasn’t allowed to die anytime soon, because me and her had been through too much together for her to just give it all up now, and that she still had to meet my children. I love that dog and I just hope she has a long time left in her!

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