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Teen suicide attempts fell as same-sex marriage was legalized

While Correlation doesn’t equal causation, this is a ‘must’ mention. This article doesn’t paint a picture for everyone and it definitely doesn’t dig into the deep challenges that are still existent among LGBT young adults today, but ‘credit where do’, we are making progress.

Marriage equality means many things. Besides the literal denotation in that it acknowledges the opportunity for same-sex couples to get married, on a basic level, it means that we are being ‘acknowledged’. To be acknowledged as humans with legitimate rights is a start. This balls off into more families respecting and appreciating their children for who they are; less likelihood of being bullied; less likelihood of being let go from a job; less likelihood of wanting to take your life, just to name a few. Marriage equality opened the door for many conversations – many progressive and that is good. So these numbers are painting a picture, not a bad one, and if entirely true, means well for the people who have been working to see change.

I included the link to the article below, please read and share your thoughts.


One Reply to “Teen suicide attempts fell as same-sex marriage was legalized”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:


    This is so amazing to see! I don’t think this will be the answer to all of the problems the LGBT community unfortunately faces but I feel like making teens hopeful about their future is definitely a great start. I think that now that the American government has made same sex marriage legal, it’s more about educating the public and creating a sense of acceptance instead of hate in communities all around.

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