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Seasonal Changes

Hey everyone! I wanted to check in, and see how everyone is dealing with the seasonal changes (getting dark at 4pm!)

I know for myself, I tend to feel down and reclusive during this time of year. Knowing this, i try to take extra care of myself until the spring. I found that early morning walks (before work) along with nutrition and vitamin D supplements help to combat the seasonal effects. (Please discuss with your doctor before making any medical changes.)

Other suggestions that I have heard to work are light lamps. They help to simulate the sunlight we are missing during the colder months. (http://northernlighttechnologies.com/)
I have found that small, easy lifestyle changes have helped me to make the most of the darker seasons, and keep me productive and on track.

Has anyone else had any experience with seasonal mood changes?

~ Michael 🙂

6 Replies to “Seasonal Changes”

  1. Sara says:

    YES. The moon and day light savings the weather and everything else in between has definitely been affecting my mood in the last week. It is so crazy how the seasons changing can affect us in such a powerful way. It takes some time to get used to the change so don’t worry if you haven’t fully adjusted yet! If things seem like a little more than feeling down, consider telling someone how you’re feeling or check out the Q & A guide for some answers!

  2. Dan says:

    I never realize how much the lack of light affects me until the spring. During the winter I feel mentally and physically drained. My Mom has the same problem and she bought a SAD light like the ones Michael posted a link for, but they make me really out of it. I’ll definitely have to check out the Vitamin D. I think what’s really needed for me is to get outside more when it’s sunny. Has anyone figured out any ways to trick themselves into leaving the house during the winter? I have fatigue problems and I always use less energy when I convince myself I want to leave the house, instead of making myself leave. I’ve thought of a few but I’d always love to hear what other people do.

  3. torry22 says:

    I never thought seasonal changes effected me until this past year. I get so tired when the sun goes down, and when I am tired I am little grumpy and cranky. It is very interesting to me. It’s very tough and I am trying very hard to just got to sleep earlier and waking up earlier. I am already ready for the spring!

  4. daniellek says:

    The hardest seasonal change for me is fall to winter. I think the lack of sunlight affects my mood because it gets dark earlier. I am an outdoors person and love being outside especially in the spring and summer time! Its a very rough adjustment for me. This time I am trying to change but its hard when the sun goes away! I am going to try and change my eating habits and go to the gym more often so I have more energy!

  5. Grace says:

    Winter is always wicked tough for me and a lot of people I know – once it starts to get dark and cold I avoid the outdoors like a plague. One thing that helps me out is blasting my heat in my car until I sweat! After that the walk in the cold doesn’t seem so bad c:

  6. VRuiz says:

    Same here Grace! Winter is def tough for me as well.

    Getting darker earlier in the day makes me drowsy and makes me isloate myself. I tend to become a bit antisocial because of the drop in weather too. I just prefer to cozy up in my room, netflix it up and drink something warm. I’m working on trying to be more optimistic around this time but its so hard.. bundling up and rushing home to lay in the heat. I just have to find the energy.

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