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Recovery IS Possible!

As many people may be aware, Facebook is now set up in a way where our “memories” or posts from the same day years ago will pop up to remind you of either how much of a mess we once were or to help us see our growth. With that being said, today I was surprised to see that 3 years ago I had posted a picture of a cake I had bought in order to celebrate my 1-year anniversary of being home. This was my way of celebrating and commemorating me triumphantly being free from the settings of psychiatric hospitals, residentials, and any inpatient settings of that sort. Now after seeing that memory 3 years later, I am proud to say that I have successfully been out of those places for 4 years! I did indeed have one time period in which I found myself going through a really rough patch and sought out treatment, but besides that I have always stayed resilient and remained on the right path with the help and support of my wonderful friends, work, and family. I couldn’t imagine feeling any more proud of myself for achieving this great accomplishment, because at one point I was going into so many hospitals- one after the other throughout my adolescent years that I lost count after my 10th inpatient stay. I struggled with severe self-harm issues, I did not know how to be myself or ask for help. I once had no hope, and now I help others find hope and motivation within themselves to move forward within their own lives as well as being able to lead a life in which I am comfortable being me. I have made a complete 360, and to me that is remarkable. Life is worth living no matter how hard the situation is today, I guarantee it.
Believe in yourself!

3 Replies to “Recovery IS Possible!”

  1. Michael says:


    Thanks for sharing your personal growth. I am so proud of you! I am so glad you are sharing your successes!

  2. OliviaM27 says:

    THANK YOU for sharing this with us! It’s such an inspirational story and really brings light to the struggles of mental illness as well as addiction. We have a poster hanging up in our office that lists famous and well-known social figures that have struggled with mental illness. Some of these figures include Carrie Fisher, Kurt Cobain, Abraham Lincoln. Each day I walk into the office and see this poster, I’m reminded that people who are well-known and loved have left a legacy on this world that is so far beyond their story of mental illness.
    Thanks again for sharing this. I needed this bit of inspiration today!

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