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Quitting smoking

So I quit smoking last week and I was pumped day one. It’s expensive, smells bad, and my family hates it and it’s obviously super bad for you. And for myself I want to be a 19 year old who doesn’t have that gross cough that comes along with it, etc. But on day 6, everyday it feels harder! When it comes to stress and anxiety I depended on them to calm me down, and any other emotions I felt, a cigarette always accompanies them. So needless to say I’m feeling really uncomfortable. I just have to ride out the cravings and keep going. But sometimes in those moments, a cigarette sounds good. Ahhh, a lot of it’s definitely mental but that mental piece might be the hardest part.

Can anyone relate?

4 Replies to “Quitting smoking”

  1. Sam B. says:

    Quitting smoking succcckkkkks. It’s really hard but just try to remember the craving will pass and the reasons why you quit in the first place. When I quit some apps helped me out a lot. Here’s a link to some of the best apps —-> https://quitsmokingcommunity.org/the-6-best-quit-smoking-apps/

    Here are some other things you can try out:
    Identify the times you are most likely to smoke. For example, do you tend to smoke when feeling stressed? When you are out at night with friends? While you are drinking coffee? When you are bored? While you are driving?
    Keep a diary to help you determine such risky times. Record each time you have a cigarette, including time of day and what you are doing.
    Make a plan about what you will do instead of smoking at those times that you are most likely to smoke. For example, drink tea instead of coffee — tea may not trigger the desire for a cigarette. Or, take a walk when feeling stressed. Remove ashtrays and cigarettes from the car. Place pretzels or hard candies there instead. Pretend-smoke with a straw.
    Let all of your friends, family, and co-workers know of your plan to stop smoking and your quit date. Just being aware that they know can be a helpful reminder and motivator.
    Prior to your quit date, start reducing your cigarette use, including decreasing the number and strength of the cigarettes. However, DON’T do this simply to make your diary “look good!” Get rid of all of your cigarettes just prior to the quit date and clean out anything that smells like smoke, such as clothes and furniture.
    Other tips that can help you quit and stay quit include:
    Enroll in a smoking cessation program (hospitals, health departments, community centers, and work sites frequently offer programs).
    Ask your health care provider for advice, including whether prescription medications (such as bupropion — Zyban or Wellbutrin) are safe and appropriate for you.
    Find out about nicotine patches, gum, and sprays.
    Try hypnosis — it works for some people.
    Avoid smoke-filled settings and situations in which you are more likely to smoke.
    Exercise to relieve urges to smoke.

    Stick with it and stay strong!!

  2. Jamie0715 says:

    I am 24 I been smoking newports since I was 14 years old, It is really hard for me to quit smoking because I been smoking for so long. I think I smoke because I be bored and there always nothing to do. So I came up with a plan, first imma stay away from people that smoke for I wont get tempted, I am going to try to use them patches to stop smoking, and try to stay busy doing something productive

  3. stev0003 says:

    “quitting smoking’s easy…..I’ve done it thousands of times” – Mark Twain… That’s how hard it is to quit smoking.

    But you’ll be happy you did. You should be proud guys.

  4. nathanieljblack7 says:

    Funny story. Well, not funny but…. Interesting? I knw a guy who quit smoking by eating a whole pack of cigarettes at once. Needless to say, he got very sick and never wanted a cigarette ever again.

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