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Overwhelming Emotions

I was browsing Psychology Today (one of my favorite websites/magazines) and I came across an article that I felt was so relevant to me.
With bipolar, it’s often difficult to regulate my emotions because I swing from mania to a deep dark depression (as well as high anxiety). Being manic doesn’t necessarily mean happy, but sometimes it’s impulsive, jittery, and restless. In this article, the author discusses how we cannot control our emotions, just how we react to them; I feel that is so true!

When I start swinging from one emotion to the other, I need to prepare myself for the rock bottom feeling I might get or too manic that can lead to dissociation. That means, instead of wallowing in my sadness, sleeping in bed too long, etc. I have to find a healthier coping strategy. Going for a walk, mindful breathing, coloring, or even watching a good childhood favorite film (I watched Mary Poppins last night) can make a world of a difference.
I have learned so much about myself when the emotions start to consume me. In the past, I would let them take over and blame myself for reacting poorly. Now, I can identify what I can do to prevent it from becoming too out of control.
Check out the article.
What do you do when the emotions start to get overwhelming? What coping skills do you use?

Overwhelming Emotions

One Reply to “Overwhelming Emotions”

  1. Sam B. says:

    My favorite part of this article was when it said just keep going. no feeling is final. That is so true, feelings aren’t facts and I so easily let them take over. I have the ability to help myself and I have tools now that help me cope. Feelings are going to happen and now I have healthy ways to deal with them!

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