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Michelle Obama on being labeled an angry black woman.

Powerful words from a powerful woman. Words to live by. She is on point.

3 Replies to “Michelle Obama on being labeled an angry black woman.”

  1. RaiC says:

    Michelle Obama- one hell of a woman right there. I’m not saying this b/c she is our First Lady lol, but because she’s really a role model to me and to so many other people that I know. I am really impressed at the way she carries herself and how she handles things. She has this essence about her that I find so refreshing. She reminds me a lot of my aunts.

    Her reaction in this video is perfect. The “angry black woman” phrase is so played out and I am so tired of hearing it. Just as she stated, you cannot judge someone based off their race and make blanket statements like that. The people who use that phrase come from a place of ignorance and obviously have some confusion as what it takes and means to be a Black woman. I remember in college when one of our new Hall directors, who I really did not like, used this phrase to try to define me in one of our one-on-ones. HA! I can laugh now but when she said that, it was an eye opener. How could someone so much older than me and in her profession, fix her lips to say something like that.. to ME. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and now that I reflect after watching this, I wish I would have handled it a lil more like Michelle. Of course I was surprised and honestly offended, but I could have used that moment to educate her instead of using it as an opportunity to fire back and get under her skin. I will say it was one of my best moments lol I knew at that point in life that I had grown. Even as I sit here and think about it, I know I handled it the right way … all except going out of my way to make sure she got reprimanded by her superiors. I’m sure my smart a** mouth did the job though. Her face was as red as a tomato LMAO Anyways, shoutout to Mrs.Obama, we will miss you First Lady <3

  2. Michael says:

    Michelle is amazing. I wish I could meet her one day and just chat as we have coffee together 🙂

    I think too that people have to understand that the reality is that Michelle has had to face more barriers than others, especially in the political realm. A lot of politics is dominated by straight, white men, so Michelle is especially necessary as a positive role model to show that all voices and people deserve a great life.

    I’m going to miss them in office. Here is to some of the classiest people in office!

  3. Allikat says:

    I love Michelle!

    Rai I love what you said and I’m also sorry that you experienced that at school smh. I definitely agree with Michael how she faces barriers. I love how she’s accomplished so much as first lady! I love seeing women in general break barriers and don’t allow men or society stop them from achieving greatness. I don’t see her being an “angry black woman” and ya know what?! I’m an angry white woman for people labeling her that. I hate how society sees a powerful black woman and automatically calls her angry, even though there is no anger, and i’m sure anything she is “angry” about, so are billions of others and is completely justified. But its all how you carry your feelings, specifically anger. Anger can turn really ugly, for any gender of any race. If you handle a situation with class, as Michelle did, that’s strength! Not many white elite men can do that, and they’re usually labeled as being angry and unable to control their temper, especially behind closed doors and the white fence! Women and children are no longer being silenced anymore and I’m all for this movement!

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