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Mental Health Monday

Every day needs to be a mental health awareness day, but Mondays seem to be one of the days to focus on mental health the most. Maybe it’s because many people start the work week on Mondays, or the work email is avoided until Monday and everything is piling up?
Whether your weekend events didn’t go as planned, or you didn’t have time to catch up on sleep…it’s still important to reflect on mental health.

Today, I am sitting at my desk and reflecting on “What did I even do this weekend?” Yesterday, I cleaned my house for the majority of the day and although I desperately wanted to go outside and take my dog to the park, I couldn’t bring myself to step outside. Sometimes my depression and anxiety stop me from leaving the house and taking a shower is an accomplishment. It was a beautiful day outside yesterday and I wish I took advantage of that…oh well!

Saturday, I planned to split the day cleaning and then go out with my family, but I ended up sleeping in until 11:30am. Wow…I haven’t done that since high school! Maybe my body was telling me something? Instead of beating myself up for an unproductive weekend, I can at least give myself a chance to breathe and realize I really needed to stay in and take care of myself.

Monday is one of my longer work days, covering 12+ hours, but I make the most of it and remind myself, “Okay, this can either be the start to a great work week or it can be terrible…so let’s make the most of it!”

So, what are you doing to reflect and be prepared for the week?
I listen to great music, bring my logic puzzle book with me when I need a minute away from my checking emails, phone calls, etc. and go for a walk to force myself to take a lunch break, and breathe!

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