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Losing Someone

Last Saturday I found out another one of my good friends passed away due to using. I am completely devastated and I am sick to my stomach over this. She was missing in the morning (which isn’t unusual for someone who uses) but doesn’t mean its ok. Tasha was 28 years old. She really loved to laugh and chocolate donuts. She had two children, a son and a daughter. She liked wings too!!! and pizza! I want her here to share more memories and laugh until we pee our pants. When she was pregnant with Tyson she peed all the time, because she couldn’t control it. Adam, who is her fiance is who I called brother. There was a group of us who lived in the same house and we were like family. Besides lots of laughter, there were also plenty of tears and screaming and yelling. I want it all back. This is really hard.

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