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Looking Within

For a long time, I thought that the tools I needed to be able to get to a better place within my life were going to come from an outside source. I spent a long time searching for them within my friendships, romantic relationships, even within my work and things I was passionate about. While in a funk one day, I asked myself why I had come to this conclusion and if there was any real justification behind it. It turns out, there really isn’t. No matter how many friends I have or don’t have, I came into this world alone and I will leave alone. My friends can be good to me, may help me when I need them, but they ultimately have their own lives and I can never expect them to live solely for me. My family and romantic relationships are the same, and therefore we cannot rely on other people to help us get better or achieve whatever we wish to do in this world. When we accept the truth that we are the only ones capable of making ourselves either better or worse, then and only then can we begin to venture on either a journey of success or a downwards spiral of what ifs.

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