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Life is totally happening!

It is a common theme in my life that when something bad happens it is all that I see. But things are changing. Yes there is a good amount of struggle but these other types of things are starting to happen. Good things. Happiness is scary, exciting, and everything else in between. I can’t even put it into words. But for me it’s also learning to feel all the emotions like life brings your way. Dealing with the bad, that I have come to know well, as well as the good that are returning to my life. This life thing is happening and the only way I can do it fully is to feel through it!

One Reply to “Life is totally happening!”

  1. RaiC says:

    I love to hear this Sara. You have such a positive outlook and I really admire that.

    When something bad happens to me, I am the same way. It is all that I see and its really hard to see past it. It’s hard to know that I will get through it, just like I have every other time. But life is about struggle and experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly. Its all about pushing through and knowing that you made it, i think its what makes a person so unique and special.

    Im an extremely emotional person and a lot of people told me that it was a sign of weakness… but as Ive grown, I could not disagree more! Emotions are totally a part of who we are and why try to hide them. Just like everything is, I have to deal with them and move on. Life is happening and “feeling” through it is the only way I think I know how to do it. Nothing wrong with that.

    Just know that with all the bad comes a lot of good… just stick it out, i promise it only gets better.

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