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If you could change one thing..

Today I was reading about CT’s Foster Care System. While I was reading this I was thinking about how much I wish I could change it and just completely fix it. Although this isn’t realistic, I came up with a few ways that I could try and do my part with awareness, advocating and reaching out.

Even though I am sure we can all come up with a lot of things we wish we could see change, what is ONE thing that you would want to see changed in the World, and are there any steps you could take to help make the change?

One Reply to “If you could change one thing..”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:

    I really like this post Torry, because although we can think and feel that some things needs to change, nothing will happen until we speak our truths and begin to implement steps to actually make the changes possible. Stating our wanted changes is a great first step!

    Something I’ve struggled to understand and that I’ve wanted to change has been the fact that when you have to for some reason or another go into a psychiatric hospital or program like a residential or something, they place everyone together. They only thing that they consider when separating individuals is their age, where they separate the adults and the kids under 18. Nevertheless, I’ve had occasions where as an adolescent the staff and other resident’s lives had been endangered because they put us all together. We would sometimes get attacked, get poles put through windows and doors, etc, because of how out of control some kids were. I guess I would just do more of a standard check or evaluation before placing kids together before they end up worse than how they were before they got to the place they went to get help in the first place.

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