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Having hearing problems

Hi, I am a twenty-five year old from Toronto. I am going through the worst part of my life right now.
I was practising swimming with my younger brother last month. I decided to dive down at the bottom of the pool, which is about 15ft deep. When I came up, the hearing in my right ear was reduced to almost nothing. I could hear only a bass and I have got a really bad ringing in my right ear. It was really loud and totally overpowered all the other sounds in the swimming hall. I went to the emergency room, but they had no clue about what had happened.
I really don’t know what to do in this situation. I have put my whole life on pause. I can’t do anything. I feel sensitive even for sharp sounds. My appetite has become zero and I have no sex drive now. I can’t sleep without pills. My friend has advised me to visit a hearing audiologist in Toronto. Will it help?

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