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I came across a great quote while I was on Pinterest and I decided I needed to share it on here. Recently, I’ve been dealing with a lot of self-hatred because I feel disappointed in all of the things I haven’t accomplished. When I saw this quote, it refreshed my thinking process to a more positive one. It reminded me of everything I’ve worked hard on in life and how there’s no right way of doing things. My path is customized to my life; I’m not following someone else’s journey.

Pinterest Quote

Have any of you experienced this before? Just remember how valuable you are and start LOVING yourself!

7 Replies to “Hate”

  1. Kevin A. says:

    That is a powerful quote Valerie.

    This is one of my favorite:
    “Its not selfish to love yourself and make your happiness a priority, its necessary!”

  2. Sara says:

    I know for me it is so much easier looking at the things I’m not and don’t have over what I do and am. What I’ve been told to do is make gratitude lists. Simply everyday, whether in my head or on paper, make a list of 10 things I am grateful for. Another thing I have done in the past that I thought was totally stupid, but was honestly so helpful was to write on a sticky note 3 things I like about myself. Stick that little note up on your mirror so that everytime you look at yourself, with your harsh judgments in your head, you will see that sticky note as a reminder of the fact that you’re actually pretty awesome.

    What do you do as a daily reminder to love yourself?

  3. nathanieljblack7 says:

    This thread reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    If someone else treated me as badly as I treat myself it’d be abuse.”

  4. Jamie0715 says:

    Hate is not a good word to say to use against anyone it is a very hurtful word and you don’t know how you can make someone feel by just saying I hate you or I hate this. don’t hate appreciate.

  5. Valerie says:

    Hate is a very powerful word, just like love.
    Jamie, when you said “don’t hate appreciate,” this quote came in mind!


    Does anyone else have a quote they like to think about to keep themselves going?

  6. Kevin A. says:

    I recently came across this quote and I think it speaks to my life. It all comes down to self-care.

    “Work hard. Have fun and make history”

  7. Luz.Feliz says:

    It’s definitely easier to focus on the negative things than the positive. Whether it is negative memories within our mind, past abuse, difficult day-to-day relationships, etc, overcoming the bad is a difficult task to do in general. When viewing this post, I was intrigued at the various amounts of alternatives there are to get our mind off of all the hate and negativity the world has to offer, from making gratitude lists to viewing our favorite positive quotes. After viewing this post, I am definitely more confident about hate versus appreciation.

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