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Great article about foster care and then college


I’m sharing this article because it talks about the struggling of being a foster child and then trying to go onto college. Many foster children age out of the system and get thrown into the world without any direction. This talks about the transition into college after being bounced around which is very common in the foster care system.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!

One Reply to “Great article about foster care and then college”

  1. Luz.Feliz says:


    Thank you so much for sharing this article. It was definitely a great read, and I was able to gain some valuable insight because of it. I am glad that this student is on a great path to success and is continuing their education, but it is definitely sad that only 23 states within America support foster kids with programs such as these once they turn 18. For all the other kids who age out of the system, life becomes even harder at a much more rapid pace, and it is very unfortunate that a program like this couldn’t be available all around. The student even describes their astonishment in just being treated like a “regular” student again, which is a feeling I truly believe everyone is entitled to have no matter what state they reside in.

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