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Gratitude #keepthepositiveflowing

I want to express how grateful I am. I wrote about quieting the noise in my head and about how at one point it was suggested to me to record all positive thoughts and moments throughout my day. I am going to commit to that again because it helped me greatly. it helped fight the constant negative self thoughts and obsession with my own death. Positive thoughts and moments throughout my day today..

1. Sun was shining
2. Enjoyed my morning coffee
3. Got a ride to work instead of taking the bus
4. payday today’
5. potpie for lunch
6. I love pot pies
7. I haven’t smoked a cigarette yet today
8. I love water
9. I love my friends
10. I am so proud of my brothers
11. I work where others understand me
12. I am looking forward to attending my favorite 12 step meeting tonight
13. laughed so hard it hurt with girls at work today
14. that felt great

There are more moments and many negative ones that came through too but its time to continue to focus on the positive. Feel free to comment about your positive thoughts or moments. #keepthepositiveflowing

2 Replies to “Gratitude #keepthepositiveflowing”

  1. Valerie says:

    I really love this idea! I try to journal as much as I can and part of my homework is to “word vomit” everything in my head instead of intellectualizing it. However, I like this idea of going for the positive and zooming in on little things I am a grateful for or “perks” of my day.

    Thank you for sharing this…I’m totally going to do this now. 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    Valerie, thank you! Yeah, I like the simplicity of it as well. Its the small things which in turn really are the the big things sometimes. Like today:
    – I’m happy for my music I got to listen to,
    -the fact It wasn’t so cold out on my way to work
    – ate chocolate
    -I like chocolate
    -only one hour left of work
    -I can’t wait for dinner
    -I have food to eat
    -I took a shower
    -I have shampoo and soap (there was a time when I didn’t)
    -my clothes are clean (I love clean laundry)
    -someone bought me coffee this morning

    I’m sure I’m leaving out plenty. I have to commit to carrying my journal around because that really helps.

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